Parish Council

Parish Council of Holy Cross consists of lay members of the parish and certain members of the parish staff. It meets monthly to exercise shared responsibility for the life of the parish under the pastoral leadership. The purpose of the Council is to:

  • Research needs, goals and hopes of the parish
  • Encourage and support existing ministries
  • Evaluate the quality of life of the parish faith community
  • Plan for the parish's future by recommending policies, procedures and programs that will meet the needs, goals and hopes of the faith community, encourage and support existing ministries, improve the quality of life of the parish and fulfill the Church's mission
  • Communicate with the parish faith community

Tuition Assistance Committee:

This committee follows the tuition assistance guidelines. The purpose of which is to establish a methodology for providing benefits to families applying for Holy Cross Tuition Assistance using a sliding fee schedule.


Home & School Association:

The purpose of the association shall be:

  • To support the spiritual and educational development of the students of Holy Cross
  • To enhance the academic performance of our students
  • To facilitate communication and good will between faculty and parents
  • To support the principal and school board of Holy Cross School, and
  • To lighten the financial burden when possible


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